Red, bluish, purple dots, spider nets do not adorn the skin. Dilated capillaries on the nose, cheeks, or on the legs… Can I completely remove them?


The modern method of removing dilated capillaries, thin vessels –is a laser coagulation of blood vessels. At the same time the laser beam moves with special parameters on the skin surface over the extended capillary. The energy of the laser radiation is selectively absorbed by brightly colored vessels: heating and sealing of the capillary occur in part of the receptacle, which is expanded to contain more blood volume and more visually noticeable. So laser photocoagulation has the target — the extended portions of the capillaries. Sensations during the procedure resemble hot tingling.


Coagulation neodymium laser does not damage the surface of the skin, and solders vasodilatation within the skin. It’s convenient: after the treatment the skin does not require a special care. Laser-treated capillaries are bright red, cherry for a few days (on the body – for weeks). At this time it is not recommended to sunbathe. Typically, the procedure can be repeated a month later.

The result of laser removal becomes a disappearance of the vascular pattern, branches capillary thinning hair to subtleties of color alignment. After a series of procedures of laser removal at the site of the skin, you can close all the pathologically dilated capillaries. The skin becomes clean with smooth color.

Removing of vascular neodymium laser does not leave marks on the skin, so the applicability to the body and face of any complexion and in any area.

Modern laser coagulation of dilated capillaries –is a step to the beauty and freedom.



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