Age, stress, hormonal disorders (post-tribal period, menopause …), the sun, smoking, and unhealthy lifestyle are the factors of aging. The complexion becomes dull, facial features more severe, uneven skin texture, lines and wrinkles appear. Your face is grim and tired. Biorevitalization can solve these problems from the inside and get even and natural result.



This is a method of introduction of non-animal hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of skin moisturizing. It is believed that one molecule of hyaluronic acid attracts to 500 water molecules. Due to such intense internal moisture wrinkles are smoothed and the skin gets a healthy and fresh look. Biorevitalization not only improves the appearance of the skin, but also restores the internal environment of a young skin, slowing down the aging process at the expense of specific stimulation of fibroblasts. In addition, Biorevitalization normalizes cell metabolism, resulting its potent stimulatory effect on the production of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


Especially there are a high efficiency, speed effects, a short rehabilitation period, the ideal preparation for the holiday in hot countries and restoring after a long stay in the sun, increasing the effectiveness of anti-aging treatments and contouring.

Biorevitalization has no age restrictions. The procedure is performed once in 3 weeks, with repetition rate 2 times per year. For deep moisturizing it is enough one Biorevitalization, but for stable lifting you need to carry out a course of 3 Biorevitalisation with periodicity once in 3 weeks.

If desire, in order to reduce discomfort during the biorevitalization, you can use the application anesthesia.

As a result, after the course of procedures we have a deep hydration of the skin, restoring elasticity, healthy skin colour, alignment of the relief of the skin, eliminating wrinkles.

Revitalization is an injection method to restore and maintain the physiological properties of the dermis, the main stage in the treatment and prophylaxis of photo- and hronoaging dermis. Revitalization provides a considerable improvement turgura and elasticity, as well as reduces the severity of the wrinkles and folds of the skin.

Generally, preparations for revitalization are based on non high density of hyaluronic acid combined with amino acids such as glycine, L-prolineL-lysineL-leucine.

The procedures are carried out at intervals of revitalization once in 714 days for a course of 46 treatments, the course is once in six months.

As a result of the revitalization we get a physiological rejuvenation of the collagen structure of the skin in the area of therapy, activation of metabolic processes, restoration of the normal structure of the dermis.

Polirevitalization  is a new development, which can be placed between the injection filling and mesotherapy techniques.

Procedure of Polirevitalization are used in visible signs of aging, such as ptosis (drooping facial tissues, «bulldog cheeks," folds «bitterness» and so on.), roughness of the skin texture, pronounced wrinkles, dull skin, tired and heavy facial features, more advanced age.

In addition, there are hyaluronic acid, usually amino, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, coenzymes in the polirevitalizated preparation.

Course of the procedures polirevitalization consists of 3 procedures, once a week.

After polirevitalizatsii course we get a uniform and perfectly natural result. The facial features look more soft and smooth, with no sharp transitions, the skin is smoothed, dullness disappear, the skin re-emits light.


The name of the serviceTime, volumePrice, UAH 
Biorevitalization (Teosyal)1 ml120
Biorevitalization (Teosyal)3 ml270
Biorevitalization (IAL-SYSTEM)1,1 ml160
Biorevitalization (IAL-SYSTEM)0,6 ml110
Biorevitalization (IAL-SYSTEM ACP)1 ml210
Teosyal PureSense Redensity 11 ml160
Teosyal PureSense Redensity 13 ml300
Teosyal PureSense Redensity 21 ml276
Plinest fast (polynucleotide)2 ml185
Plinest (polynucleotide)2 ml199
Plinest NEWEST (polynucleotide)2 ml220
Jalupro Classic3 ml110
Jalupro HMW anti-age2,5 ml180
Rejuran S1 ml115
Rejuran I1 ml115
Rejuran Healer2 ml205
Rejuran HB plus1 ml125
Corebanic2 ml225
Anesthesia1 zone300


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