Summer and the sun leave on the face not only the bronze tan

If the complexion is dimmed, a scattering of small wrinkles becomes more noticeable, there are spots and burst blood vessels, what to do? Photorejuvenation will help. Painless, imperceptibly and quite naturally it restores freshness of spring to the skin.



Photorejuvenation  is an aesthetic procedure that allows to update the skin and eliminate its defects without injury due to the use of high flux of visible light (550  1200 nm). Photorejuvenation is a painless and safe procedure. Due to the special characteristics of the light pulse photorejuvenation stimulates the regeneration and synthesis of natural collagen and elastin fibers in the skin.


The mechanism of rejuvenation associates with the energy of the light flux, which heats the target  damaged cells with excess melanin, dilated capillaries or worn collagen. In response, there is an instant retraction of collagen (based on this instant lifting after the procedure, which is called «the schoolgirl’s forehead «). Also a chain of processes of biological regeneration of the skin run: collagen carcass updates, blood flow improves and tissue nutrition. Photorejuvenation  is one of the most effective methods of removing age spots, freckles, vascular lesions and enlarged pores with the skin lifting at the same time. In addition, the effects may be subject to not only the face, but also to the body (abdomen, hips, back), which is particularly important to the hands, decollete and neck.

The course consists of 68 rejuvenation treatments, at intervals of once or twice a week. This rhythm is considered the most effective treatment, and without any risk provides a gradual improvement of the skin. Even one procedure makes the skin smoother and reduces pigmentation and spider veins. Visible wrinkle reduction and narrowing of pores can be observed after the third session. Steady result is obtained at the end of the full course. The duration of each photorejuvenation treatment takes, on average, from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on processing zone. A session consists of a series of short flashes on the problem area. The procedure is accompanied by a sensation of warmth or tingling. After the rejuvenation of the skin there is a slight temporary reddening. When it passes, the skin looks younger  healthy complexion gets homogeneous, it becomes elastic and dense. To save the rejuvenation effect is recommended not to sunbathe for 1.52 weeks after the procedure.

Photorejuvenation contributes to the apparently leveling skin color, eliminating wrinkles, reducing the depth of large wrinkles, moisturizing the skin, improving skin tone and elasticity, smoothing of skin relief and normalization of the sebaceous glands. You can combine these treatments with mesotherapy. Masks, massages, peelings complement resurfacing, increase its efficiency and prolong the result.

You are recommended to using preparations of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid spies after a course of the photorejuvenation.

Photorejuvenation  is high-tech and eco-friendly for the freshness of the skin.


Body part Price, UAH 
Phototreatment (1 zone)750
Photo-removal of vessels (1 flash) 150
Photorejuvenation 2100


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