Waxing — is a method of removing unwanted hair from various parts of the body or face. Waxing or bioepilation is carried out using warm or hot wax. Warm wax is removed from the skin using a special tape, hot wax is removed after curing itself.



Today Waxing is one of the most easily accessible (low-price policy) and universal procedures (wax can depilate any area (face, body, underarm area, bikini area, arms, legs)). Another benefit of waxing — is the virtual absence of contraindications. Bioepilation has an important moment — its speed(bikini area takes about 20-30minut) and the duration of effect (2-4 weeks).


For waxing hair in the intended treatment zone must be approximately 5 mm.

It may be noted some painful procedures for the first time, but over time hair in the area of hair removal becomes thinner, lighter, its root is weakened, and the process becomes comparable with the feelings plucking the eyebrows. Especially hair begins to grow in different phases, and the skin is 20-30% of hair. Application of high waxes is based on natural ingredients to minimize any unpleasant aspects, both during and after the procedure. There are few rules to follow, after them you will be able to avoid unpleasant consequences waxing. Before waxing procedure you can not take a hot bath (we recommend a light, comfortable shower), in the sauna or steam bath, sunbathe or visit a solarium. If the procedure was conducted on the eve of chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser peels, fractional resurfacing, waxing can be carried out only after complete healing, but it can be in 7 to 14 days, depending of type of procedure. The skin remains smooth and silky due to the fact that along with the unwanted hair removal occurs soft surface keratinized epidermal cells, and after the epilation natural oils with healing and cooling effect bring pleasant sensations.

After waxing we do not recommended to visit a sauna, solarium and use decorative cosmetics ( if the procedure was carried out on the face), massages (manual or hardware).

In our medical center, we perform hair removal for both women and men. Our experienced doctors beauticians hold comfortable and painless procedure.


Body partPrice, UAH
Deep bikini600
Back, chest800
Men's bikini900


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