Peeling is an aesthetic procedure, which consists in the controlled removal of several layers of skin to restore smoothness, tenderness, fresh color. When you use the peeling, it smooths the relief, improves blood flow, which helps to have a tone and elasticity of the skin and its renewal. Cosmetic peeling imitates the natural process of exfoliation.



Exfoliate — is a physiological regeneration of the skin: the surface layers of worn-out cells «overfly» and rise from the depths of the skin layers of the maturing young. The movement of dead skin cells to the surface of the skin occurs with the participation of sweat and sebum. Under the action of sweat old horny cells swell, they separate from the surface and peel. After 25 years the process of keratinization slows down. Besides the age, stresses slow renewal of the skin, general fatigue, vitamin deficiency, air pollution and chronic diseases. As a consequence there are a sallow complexion, lack of healthy shine, wrinkles, sagging skin, hyperkeratosis.


Indications for using peelings:

  • fading skin
  • seborrhea
  • violations of the relief of the skin (wrinkles, post-acne, various kinds of scars, hyperkeratosis)
  • discoloration of the skin (dark spots, photoaging).

By the nature of the active agent there are some kinds of peelings

  • chemical (usually acid)
  • mechanical (homemade scrubs; professionally — microdermabrasion)
  • biological (enzyme)
  • physical (see. fractional laser resurfacing)

For chemical peeling there are used the glycolic, salicylic and trichloroacetic acid. Mostly there are used fruit peeling AlfaHydroxyKislotami (angl.abbreviatura AHA). This is a group of non-toxic acids derived from plants and fruits (sugar cane immature apples, grapes and gooseberry) and lactic, citric, tartaric, malic. Fruit acids affect the upper (horny) layer of the epidermis: gently remove dead cells, regulate metabolic processes in the skin, smooth and moisturize the skin, lighten age spots.

Biological drugs are enzyme peeling and exfoliation. After applying a peeling the skin becomes smooth and soft, easily absorbes cosmetics that are applied afterwards.

There are contraindications for peeling:

  • Break through the skin
  • active inflammation on the skin
  • herpes in the active phase
  • Individually is discussed the issue of carrying out a peeling in the case of pregnancy, lactation, rosacea, as well as in the spring-summer season.


The name of the servicePrice, UAH 
Retinol peeling SesDerma2390
PRX-T face2300
PRX-T face, neck2990
PRX-T face, neck, decollete3880
Peeling BioRePeel face2300


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