The method of long-term suppression of hair growth with the help of photoepilation earned the fame and recognition a long time ago.


Its principle is simple: photons of light are absorbed by hair pigment, which causes the heating and combustion of hair along its entire length, including the germination zone of hair bulb. This anagen (ie, which is actively growing at the moment) bulbs are oppressed for years — it is noticeable by thinning of hair, the emergence of «gaps» in the continuum before hairline. Hair follicles, which are in the other phases of growth, are inhibited to the restructuring. You notice the subtlety, softness and slowing the rate of growth remaining hair. The skin in the treatment area becomes softer, calmer reacts to razor or wax epilation (as long as it is still necessary, because each hair removal session objects less for the depilation…) Possible stains of stagnant inflammation and ingrown hairs become lighter and disappear under the effect of photorejuvenation — a process inseparable with the photoepilation. So you gradually move to the beauty of the delicate skin without hair.


Laser epilation has many advantages

  • method is indispensable for ingrown hairs and inflammatory irritation after hair removal. After a few sessions, the skin in the area of hair removal is clean and healthy;
  • epilation inhibits light and thin hair more successful, although the method is powerless in the absence of pigment in hair;
  • the method provides a long-term predictable growth inhibition of hair;
  • epilation always improves the structure of the skin due to rejuvenation: evens, tightens skin pores and hair follicles mouth, returns the density of the skin.

How is the procedure?

Before the procedure, the skin of the zone must have all hair short (1-3mm). At the time of the epilation hair burns to white or grayish-black. At the same time you fell the hot tingling, which does not leave any marks or damages on the skin (in sensitive areas it is possible redness and burning sensation for 10 minutes).

After the photoepilation procedure, damaged hair can be shaved or wait for their loss after 2 weeks. 1 hair removal sessions is held once a month or less, as inhibition of growth.

The only limitation to the use of hair removal – is a tanned leather. If your skin has a beautiful bright tan and / or you are sunbathing in less than two weeks ago — photoepilation should be postponed. During this precaution epilation is safe, efficient and comfortable.

Become free fromhair with photoepilation!


Наименование услугиСтоимость, грн
Fototehnologijam consulting200
Upper lip350
Chin and upper lip600
All face completely750
Area of the breast 100см² 300
Back area 100см² 300
The white line of the abdomen400
Deep bikini1200
Male bikini1800
Hips (both)1600
Thigh (front, rear, internal surface)1050
Tibia (both)1450
Full legs3100
The hand450
Areola of breast400
Complete arms women1350
Full arm men1800
Fotolechenie 1 zone450
Fotoudalenie receptacles 1 Flash100


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