The method is based on the formation of large number of microbubbles in adipose tissue under the influence of low-frequency ultrasound. The optimal frequency of adipose tissue is 37-42 kHz. At this frequency, the maximum number of bubbles is formed, the size of which corresponds to the possibility of natural drainage through the lymphatic capillaries. In adipose tissue, consisting of adipocytes — fat cells that store fat reserves, wave cause cavitation emulsification, dissolution of fat molecules with increased solubility.

The released fat molecules get into the extracellular space, where rapidly eliminate through the lymphatic system and circulatory system. Note that the effects of cavitation on other cells and tissues (muscles, skin, blood vessels, etc.) do not lead to damage as they are compared to the adipose tissue more durable and flexible.


The benefits of the procedure

Today cavitation procedure is virtually the only non-surgical method, a direct effect on adipose tissue. Cavitation is considered the most effective and safe way to get rid of local excess fat tissue, and the procedure itself is often called non-surgical liposuction or liposculpture.

Also, the benefits of cavitation include:

Quick results, the absence of injury and the rehabilitation period, the durability of the achieved results, the lack of aesthetic defects (gaps skin tuberosity, bruising and pain).

Cavitation is contraindicated in the following cases:

Pregnancy, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancers, some cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, phlebitis, vascular fragility, etc..), Skin disorders, kidney or liver failure, the presence of metal implants.

Also note that the flow of ultrasound is not recommended to send to the glands and genitals, as well as the joints, eyes and ears.

The procedure itself cavitation is nice — at the same time when your waist and hips close to ideal proportions, you feel a pleasant warmth and relaxation.

The average course is of8-10 treatments with an interval in 7-10 days.


Name of servicePrice, UAH
Cavitation Zone 1 (arms, hips, stomach or buttocks) 500
Cavitation Zone 2700
Cavitation Zone 3900


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