A first unique technology that removes tattoo or permanent makeup without breaking the skin. After removing the tattoos the skin is completely preserved with smooth healthy color, relief and normal textures. How is it possible?

Tattoos are known for their long-term and constancy. Mineral tattoo pigment is practically not derived from the skin itself, as its molecules are too large — the skin can not take them as a foreign body.

But! Special laser beam destroys the tattoo pigment rather crushes it on the smallest particles, which due to its small size that can be derived from the skin by itself.


Figuratively speaking, while using a laser, we fraction «wall» of tattoo pigment layers, and «garbage» and «dust» of crushed mineral pigment molecules are picked by self-cleaning system of the skin.

The tattoo pigment is bleached in layers, in one session — one layer. At the time of laser processing instant you see a discoloration of the pigment, and in three — five minutes, color restoration due to microgematomy (bruises), which occur precisely on the contour of the former tattoo.


This bruise will resolve for 3-4 weeks, gradually providing a lightening tattoos. During one session of laser tattoo removal, tattoo color is lightened by 10-15%. Thus the skin remains untouched — the scars are excluded. After 1 month, a session of laser tattoo removal can be repeated.

Each laser tattoo removal the color changes, fades, like a watercolor cloud dissolves in water. Sometimes the color of tattoo is changed to another, for example, black passes in green, and only then disappear. The number of sessions that provide complete removal of pigment from the skin – is 8-10 times.

So after a year of commencement of the tattoo removal, your skin shines primordial purity, as if it has never been a tattoo. There is no non-deductive inscriptions and drawings on the body – there is a freedom to clean healthy skin!



Name of servicesCost, UAH
Laser tattoo removal 1 cm²200
Laser tattoo removal from 10 cm² to 20 cm²2000
Laser tattoo removal from 20 cm² to 40 cm²2500
Laser tattoo removal from 40 cm² to 60 cm²3000
Laser tattoo removal from 60 cm² to 80 cm²3500
Laser tattoo removal from 80 cm² to 100 cm²4000
Laser tattoo removal from 100 cm² to 150 cm²4500
Laser tattoo removal from 150 cm² to 200 cm²5000


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