Fractional needle radiolifting for skin rejuvenation and face lifting, elimination of scars, stretch marks and scars. Combines microneedling with RF radiation. The skin is affected by 36 isolated or non-insulated microneedles with a diameter of 0.3 mm with gold plating. The depth of penetration of microneedles is adjustable from 0.5mm to 3.5mm. The body's natural abilities for regeneration are activated, blood circulation is improved and metabolic processes are activated. The skin is renewed at all levels, as a result, the stimulation of the growth of collagen and elastin, lifting even with heavy facial lines. Reduction of pigmentation and sebum secretion, anti-inflammatory effect, reduction of scars, acne and acne.

The procedure is not traumatic, does not require long-term rehabilitation (redness disappears within a few hours) and can be carried out in the summer! VIVACE is FDA certified.



THE VIVACE EXPERIENCE ™ This is a best-in-class patented procedure created by a team of innovators at Aesthetics Biomedical (USA). The Vivace, a best-in-class RF mesotherapy machine that combines the highly sought-after microneedling treatment with RF radiation. This combination has unrivaled efficiency and will give you a unique experience. This is one of the few machines that have been certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Compared to microneedle rollers and microneedle holders, which cause injury, pain and unpredictable results, The Vivace has a head with 36 insulated or uninsulated gold-tipped needles. This handpiece has 31 microneedle insertion depth settings. Only this handpiece is equipped with a robotic stepping motor that guarantees fast, simultaneous and even insertion of all needles into the skin. The 70W chevron radio frequency pattern evenly distributes heat, providing a tightening of the facial skin without redness, inflammation, burns and discomfort that occurs with other devices. The Vivace is equipped with automatic visual confirmation and a red and blue LED light source.


The microneedle procedure is safe and does not involve the use of chemicals to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen. Combined with radiofrequency, it revolutionizes the lifting and contouring of the face, neck, arms and body as it delivers instant results without a downtime. The Vivace Experience does not require a long recovery period. Other devices require 24 to 72 hours or more for initial recovery after the procedure.


Benefits of The Vivace Experience ™:
• the procedure can be carried out on any part of the skin, including the most sensitive (even in the area around the eyes);
• targeted impact at different skin levels, depending on the needs of the patient;
• fast recovery and healing of microchannels (closure in 4-6 hours);
• solution of a wide range of problems;
• an instant result of improving the quality of the skin with subsequent progress;
• the procedure is sterile and hypoallergenic due to individual tips and gold-plated needles;
• suitable for patients of any skin phototype;
• can be carried out at any time of the year.

The duration of the procedure is about 45 minutes. A standard rejuvenation course on the Vivace device consists of 2-4 procedures with an interval of 4-6 weeks.
The solarium must not be used for 2 weeks after the procedure. We also recommend refraining from sports for 2-3 days.

Indications for the procedure:
• lifting and firming the skin;
• acne;
• post-acne;
• thin, mimic and deep wrinkles;
• nasolabial folds;
• enlarged pores;
• skin rejuvenation;
• stretch marks;
• drooping of the eyelids;
• scars;
• pigmentation;
• hair loss.

• benign and malignant neoplasms in the treatment area;
• oncological diseases;
• dermatoses in the area of ​​the procedure;
• cases of vitiligo in the family;
• herpes infection in the last month;
• history of keloid scars (tendency to keloid formation);
• acute infectious diseases or impaired immunity;
• chronic diseases (diabetes mellitus, systemic connective tissue diseases, bleeding disorders, thromboembolic diseases);

Microneedling is one of the 10 most requested aesthetic procedures. This is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment. The needles create micro-holes in the upper layer of the skin that trigger the production of new collagen and elastane. The processes of neovascularization and synthesis of new collagen improve skin texture and firmness, as well as make scars, pores and stretch marks less visible.






Part of the bodyPrice, UAH
Face + neck11000
Face + neck + decollete13900
Neck + decollete10000
Body area (abdomen, arms, elbows, back) 6000 

*every second zone -50%


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