Wide range of services

Based on beauty techniques with laser and light

High quality of service

Sincerity, unobtrusive communication and homelines

Experienced Doctors

With many years of experience, they know how to preserve your beauty and youth

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There are appreciated and preserved the true beauty and youth in cosmetology center «Cosmo-Light». The name comes from the word «light» — the light, as the center focuses on beauty techniques, using laser and light.


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Twenty-five years of experience allow doctors — aesthetists in our center confidently combine classic methods of skin care products with revolutionary scientific developments in order to achieve your dreams.

Perfectly technically equipped center «Cosmo-Light» has a tradition of sustained high service levels: spiritual, unobtrusive communication and coziness. The needs and wishes of each client are important. Amateurs of «travelers» find procedure of relaxing massage with a deep restoration of vitality in «Cosmo-Light».

Connoisseurs of quick results use high-tech procedures such as fractional rejuvenation and contouring … Team of professionals in our center successfully realizes all your dreams. Light your beauty — «Cosmo-Light».


Professionalism, a clear understanding of the capabilities of different methods and individually created programs provide high satisfaction results

A set of techniques to reduce the impact of age-related changes on the face and prevent the formation of wrinkles

Biorevitalization, mesotherapy, waxing, mechanical cleaning, microcurrent therapy, tattoo, face care...

The whole spectrum of aesthetic, consultative and therapeutic services in the field of dermatology in the center of "CosmoLight"

Fractional laser resurfacing of scars and stretch marks, laser removal of vessels, permanent removal of tattoos, laser hair removal...

Photorejuvenation, photoepilation, phototherapy of acne, vascular photodetection...

Vacuum-roller massage, radio wave body lifting, treatment of stretch marks, wraps, cavitation...


Center Cosmo-Light» has a tradition of sustained high service levels: spiritual, unobtrusive communication and coziness.
The needs and wishes of each client are important.

Ольга Буковская

"Хочу выразить благодарность салону Cosmolight за профессионализм и чуткое отношение к клиенту. Процедура ультразвуковой и косметической чистки лица проходит безболезненно и не оставляет последствий. Кожа на длительное время излучает свежесть и здоровье. Огромное спасибо за качественное обслуживание!!))))"

Наталья Леонтьева

"Добрый день, Космо-Лайт. После отпуска, сделала ультразвуковую чистку лица. В результате проведения процедуры я получила буквально обновленное лицо, причем после окончания процесса на коже не остается никаких следов и видимых воздействий! Спасибо!"


"Добрый день. Выводила лазером татуаж бровей. После 5-ти процедур не осталось и следа. Безболезненно и быстро. Впечатления остались только позитивные. Рекомендую."


Contact us on one of the numbers: +380 (44) 289-84-52, +380 (44) 234-99-69, +380 (67) 463-51-93 or leave an application and our specialists will contact you at soon.



The gift certificate of the Cosmo-Light medical center is a pleasant and useful gift for relatives, friends and co-workers. Everyone will be happy with him, without exception: both women and men of absolutely all ages and preferences.

Terms of the Gift Certificate:

The validity of the Gift Certificate is 3 months from the date of sale.

When choosing a gift for an amount greater than the nominal value, the certificate holder can pay the difference.

When choosing a gift for an amount less than the nominal value, the certificate can be used further within the remaining amount and expiration date.

The difference is not compensated by the monetary equivalent.

The certificate is not refundable.