The diode laser is the «gold standard» in laser epilation effectiveness. Diode laser epilation effect is achieved in 4-6 treatments. These facts have been known for a long time. But diode epilation used to be a painful and impossible to tanned skin…


Now is otherwise! A new era of diode epilation offers a diode laser » GALAXI » Italy . Epilation is painless thanks to the control parameters of the laser and sapphire cooling handpiece. You just feel the heat — and no pain! Epilation on the legs is like a spa massage! The results are superior to all existing systems of hair removal.

There is a record time of the procedure! During the lunch break, you would do your legs completely.


It looks like this. For example, for the lower legs epilation, firstly it is necessary to shave hair. Epilation takes only 20 minutes. The procedure is fast, pleasant, non-marking on the skin. After 8-10 days, hair falls out. The remaining hair (not in active growth phase), grow slowly and thinner. With each procedure, the number of hair become less and less. If the skin is tanned or simply dark, the system of diode hair removal GALAXI allows you to configure the laser individually — so that the skin does not damage. So another problem is overcomed — tanned leather.

Diode epilation GALAXI — revolutionary features:

  • Painless;
  • Hair removal on tanned skin;
  • High efficiency;
  • The speed of the procedure – leave your time for love!

Your body is smooth, and you forget about epilations for years!

Neodymium laser epilation

The principle is similar with all methods of light epilation: a flash of intense light is absorbed by the pigment of hair, causing heating and destruction of not only hair, but hair bulb. After processing zone hair follicles (that actively grow now, so-called anagen hair follicles) die.

Clinically it is manifested by thinning, reducing the amount of hair. The surviving hair follicles are depressed, this appears in thinning and slowing the rate of hair growth, so qualitative hair changes.
On average, after the one session of the epilation in the treatment zone disappear 10-15% of hair, remaining hair germinate slowly, thinner and lighter.

When the rhythmic repetition of the procedure it is possinle to achieve the disappearance of 90-95% of hair — a situation when there is isolated light hair in the processing zone and waxing, as such, is not necessary.

Neodymium laser epilation has its own characteristics:

  • procedure is unpainful;
  • epilation is compatible with a tan, namely it is possible on tanned skin or directly on the day before the active sunbathing;
  • possible to remove hair of any color on the skin of any color.

How is the procedure?

Before the procedure, there are must be presented all short hair(1-3mm) on the skin zone. At the time of epilation hair burn to white or grayish-black hard coals. At the same time you fell the hot tingling, which does not leave any marks or damage on the skin.

After the procedure of laser epilation damaged hair can be shaved or you can wait for their loss after 2-3 weeks.

Laser epilation is performed once a month or less, as inhibition of hair growth.

Neodymium laser epilation opens new possibilities: smooth skin, shine forth, and do not limit yourselves in tanning!


Name of services Size/quantityCost, UAH 
Consultation for laser cosmetology  200
Upper lip  350 
Chin  390 
Chin and upper lip  600 
Cheeks  500 
Ear  150 
All face completely  700
Neck  500 
Armpits  490 
Area of the breast 100 cm² 300 
Back area 100 cm² 300 
The white line of the abdomen 300 
Deep bikini  1100 
Bikini  800 
Male bikini  1600
Hips (both)  1300 
Thigh (front, rear or inner surface)  800 
Tibia (both)  1050
Full legs  1950 
Shoulders  800
Forearm  800 
The hand  350 
Okoloareoljarnaja area  400 
Buttocks  700 
Eyebrows  500 
Complete arms women  1100
Full arm men  1600


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