In 1962, French physician Michel Pistor introduced into medical practice new treatment — a method of mesotherapy.



Mesotherapy — is a minimally invasive method of treatment by administration of small doses of the substance intradermally. The therapeutic effect is achieved by mesotherapy drugs administered, mechanical stimulation of the nerve endings (in the problem area) and reflex zones, and due to neurohumoral effects. The principle of mesotherapy — is a little, often in the right place, doses of medication, injecting multiple problems in the area at the same depth. There are two ways of introduction of drugs for injection mesotherapy — manual and instrumental way. Advantages of mesotherapy are the lack of voting age, the possibility of the procedure on any areas of the face and body, as well as a fairly rare one clinic visit every 7 to 10 days for a course of 6-10 procedures and, as a major, tangible results and high efficiency.


Indications for mesotherapy session can be divided into three areas: face, body and scalp. There are for the person: prevention and the fight against skin aging (fine lines and wrinkles, sagging facial contours) and photoaging (skin surface smoothing, color and alignment of elimination hyperpigmentation), dehydration of the skin, acne (the different stages and forms), atrophic scars, including postacne and «stretching», oily seborrhea. There are for the body : local fat deposits (bulge) and hydrolipodystrophy (cellulite), sagging skin. There are for Hair : increased hair loss, diffuse and patchy, as well as damage to hair due to aggressive environmental influences and external influences because of staining and heat treatment.

Mesotherapy uses drugs, they are so-called «cocktail», which includes, as a rule, several components, vegetable, mineral, animal origin. For each patient, each situation individually selected cocktails.

For beautiful skin and harmony there is a mesotherapy in Cosmo-Light.


The name of the servicePrice, UAH 
Body mesotherapy Mesoestetic1475
Head mesotherapy INNOestetic1475
Head mesotherapy Mesoline2550
Facial mesotherapy Mesoline2550
Mesotherapy of the neck, decollete Mesoline2550
Mesotherapy of the face or head Laenec (placenta)2050
Mesotherapy Stamin C, Apoptosis S, Skin Optize2950
Mesotherapy Apoptosis M, Skin Firming, Muscle Toning 3750
Mesotherapy Apoptosis XL5100
Mesotherapy PB Serum3750
Mesotherapy Aspriline2550


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