Beauty we feel by proportions, and youth - by the elasticity and tone. Is there a method to achieve an elastic, cast beautiful body in the apparatus cosmetology?



What determines the tone and elasticity?

The state of water-salt metabolism. It is known that somatic diseases, infections, intoxications, hypovitaminosis dramatically worsen the appearance of the skin. And health and rational nutrition with the receipt of various microelements, sufficient drinking regime - significantly improve;

Morphological properties of the skin itself: the content of collagen and elastin fibers, glycosaminoglycans (1 g of hyaluronic acid is able to hold up to 300 g of water in the skin). It is known that the number of such "water storage" in the skin is inversely proportional to age. Cosmetology, as is known, is working on this problem;;

The elasticity of the skin depends on the state of the muscles. Both the deep-lying large muscle layers, and the thin muscular bundles, are located in the thicker skin. Of special importance are the facial muscles. Mimic muscles with one of their own, fixed, end attached to the bony structures of the facial skull, and the second - mobile - the end ends in fibers in the thickness of the skin of the face. Cutting, the facial muscle gives the person a certain expression. And in the case of reducing the contractility of the muscle, its fatigue, lethargy, facial skin loses its attractiveness, becomes flabby.


What does the muscle fiber require for life?

Oxygen and nutrients are needed. Optimal nutrition of the muscle gets during its reduction, according to the Leninist laws: "who does not work, he does not eat". At the time of muscle contraction, the capillaries that feed the muscle reflexively expand, and the flow of blood with oxygen and nutrients increases. During muscular work, the intensity of plastic processes increases, and metabolism increases. Accordingly, venous outflow and lymphatic drainage are activated. The same processes occur in the skin and subcutaneous fat layer. The whole body receives stimulating impulses from working muscles. The muscle, contracting, is in its natural biological mode.

In cosmetology, there is a method that the muscle fiber likes. This is electromyostimulation.

The name itself implies strengthening something by encouraging. This effect of pulsed weak electric currents on the muscle tissue, giving the muscles a warm-up and nutrition, tonus and life.

The principle of the method is simple - the muscles of the body are reduced by the electrical impulses that the device generates for myostimulation.

As a result:

  • The working capacity of muscles increases, the intensity of plastic and energy processes increases;
  • Activation of blood supply and lymph flow in the muscle leads to the expansion of peripheral vessels and increased blood flow in the adjacent tissues - the subcutaneous fat layer, the skin. (This effect is especially valuable in the correction of the figure, because both excess weight and cellulite are the result of stagnation in the circulatory system and a decrease in the intensity of metabolic processes.);
  • Improves microcirculation of tissues, increases the excretion of toxic products from the intercellular space (which is especially important in the treatment of cellulite);
  • Due to the restoration of blood circulation in tissues, wrinkles and wrinkles are smoothed, turgor is restored, skin color and elasticity are improved, its dehydration is eliminated (is there a method for more natural moistening of the skin?);

So, the indications for use are wide:

  • muscular flabbiness;
  • low skin turgor;
  • the phenomenon of cellulite;
  • need to correct the figure;
  • aging of the skin;
  • violation of fat metabolism;
  • violation of venous outflow;
  • pastosity;
  • decreased lymphodrainage function.

A common feature of all these problems, which electromyostimulation solves, is a violation of tone and a decrease in energy processes. Wherever you see this trait, you can count on electromyostimulation.


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