Phototherapy (light therapy) is one of the new effective treatments for acne.



A special technology is used for acne phototherapy: the visible light of special range is applied to the skin in short, bright, warm, intense flashes.

A mechanism of phototherapy is very interesting. It is proved that severe and moderate forms of acne are caused mainly because of acne propionibacterias. This kind of micro-organisms in the process of life accumulates specific pigment inside and outside of the bacterial bodies.


This pigment is a biological target for pulsed light phototherapy. Photons of light are absorbed by the pigment particles, causing the death of pathogens micro-organisms- acne. The next day after the phototherapy it is noticeable the drying of inflammatory lesions, the decrease of the inflammation. Gradually, the skin is cleaned by inflammatory rashes, reduced the fat, there are brightening and fading of dark spots from past eruptions. Phototherapy, which is repeated periodically (2 times a week), causes a persistent improvement of the skin. For a stable result you are required to have 8-10 sessions.

Actually phototherapy passes comfortable and painless: facial peeled skin is processed by flashes of light. At this point, you feel the heat and glare of light. After the procedure, you can continue an active lifestyle, restriction is — just sunbathing in bright sunlight.

With the help of modern equipment of photocure and clinical experience of Cosmo-Light’s doctors it is possible to achieve excellent results in the treatment of acne without drugs, comfortably and efficiently.


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