The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Also it is the most notable. Youth and health are the skin’s beauty. This complex of 3D-rejuvenation is used for restoring skin youthfulness, elasticity, smoothness and health. Spatial, multi-vector or volumetric rejuvenation: topography, color, texture and density of the skin.

To achieve this global objective is not only important to update the surface, but also to restore the deeper layers of the skin, which create a framework volume model looks, if we talk about a person. You need a combination of fractional laser resurfacing and termoradiolifting to solve this task optimally.



Fractional laser burns in the designated area of micro perforation that are quickly regenerated and are subsequently «axes» or «microcolonies» of the entire cell renewal. In the updated skin blood processes, cell nutrition and recovery also occur qualitatively better. Fractional resurfacing improves skin texture and micro-relief: wrinkles disappear, small scars, enlarged pores and surface bumps of different origin. Held simultaneously termoradiolifting starts in the skin collagen renewal process quality, «skeleton» of the protein. The simultaneous combinations of powerful active principles with different points of application of energy enable multi-faceted skin rejuvenation.


How does this happen? Termoradiolifting is an unpainful deep heating of the skin by a combination of laser and radio frequency. During the procedure, there are a strong heat and tingling. After the procedure, the skin is pink, hot, since the first progressive lifting effect. Here, in one visit, there is a possibility of fractional laser resurfacing procedure: short hot pulses of laser burn evenly delicate skin to a predetermined depth. After the procedure, the skin is slightly swollen and red. No special care is needed, only moisturizing and sun protection. Over the next 3-4 days there are peeled microcrusts.

In 5-6 days after the procedure 3D-rejuvenation you can continue an active social life: the skin is fresh, smooth, delicate, oval and features are clearer … These are only the first results of 3D-rejuvenation. Lifting processes grow over the next month. The face looks fresher and more attractive every day.

The course of procedures (an average of 3 treatments at intervals of 1 month) gives a true spatial depth skin rejuvenation: terrain, texture, color, tone and density.


Part of the bodyPrice, UAH
Person completely7990
Person 2/36900
Face + neck9650
Face + neck + decollete 11500
Area up to 100 cm² (body)3900
Area from 100 cm² to 200 cm² (body)5500
Area from 200 cm² to 400 cm² (body)8500
Area from 400 cm² to 700 cm² (body)9900
Area from 700 cm² to 1000 cm² (body) 12900


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