Constant stress, lack of vitamins and essential components, age-related changes — face skin needs not less but, at times, more care than other areas of the body. Medical center «Cosmo-Light» offers the best means for face care of the world’s leading manufacturers, which have shown that you can care for the skin as easily as nice.

These are, primarily, popular brands Sothys , Danne, Obagy , E nviron — skin care, containing regenerating, revitalizing, relaxation and activate components that collectively help to awake dormant properties of the skin and counter the negative environmental factors. The skin on your face becomes firm, radiant and supple — the present standard of female beauty!


Coming to our center, you are guaranteed to get timid and gentle facial, which contains of all the procedures, including superficial peelings. In addition, our experts will help you to pick up personal home skin care that will help you to fix the result.

Now the brand Sothys perfectly combines the best traditions of loyalty with innovative developments, rightfully standing among the best manufacturers of cosmetics category of «luxury», creating new fashion trends.


Puffiness and swelling, vascular patterns, indicating the disease or wrong lifestyle. A direct consequence of smog — the trouble of all cities over the world -is clogged pores with possible inflammation. The skin can have a lot of problems, but they have successfully eliminated with a reliable means — complexes drifts across the face of the brand Sothys.

American company Obagy works with the most problematic skin: demodex,acne, teenage acne, oily and dry seborrhea, pigmentation, rosacea. The expected result from the procedures are an effective fight against acne, prevention of aging, eliminating hyperpigmentation, improving skin quality, comprehensive rehabilitation and skin rejuvenation.

System DANNE «Cleaning — Restoring — Protection» — is a full three-stage program for the professional treatment of the skin. Cosmetic Danne mimics nature to achieve a natural result. Wrinkles, sagging skin, muscle atony, gravitational ptosis — are a scourge of the time. But there is nothing impossible in cosmetology. Danne — is a cosmetic line, based on fermentoterapii. Enzymes are natural catalysts and natural part of the transdermial enzyme masks Danne . Danne Program -is an alternative to mesotherapy, myostimulation, plastic massage.

The concept of brand ENVIRON is a strict scientific idea about the positive properties of vitamin A in active concentrations, backed by strong clinical evidence. To create cosmetic ENVIRON most advanced concepts and technologies were used, which authorship belongs to specialists ENVIRON®. Techniques professional care — are the know-how of the brand. This cosmetics mark is already known in the 65 countries where it has excellent reviews.

ENVIRON cosmetic and medical uses roll to enhance skin penetration of vitamin A, antioxidants, peptides, hyaluronic acid, etc. The results are comparable with the results of medical procedures! As stated by the creator of the brand plastic surgeon, Dr. Desmond Fernandes from South Africa: «The best plastic surgery -is one that has not been made». ENVIRON — is not just a means of dampening. This system is clinically proved effective influence on the entire structure of the skin for its rehabilitation and reconstruction. ENVIRON ensures gradually increasing cumulative effect of the use of the mark. Achieving the best results occures with the prolonged use.


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