What have not I got for the complete beauty? The smooth elastic skin, a healthy glow flickering on a thin waist and graceful hips? Thick molded body with harmonious proportions?

How to achieve this? With the help of vacuum-roller massage!


Vacuum-roller massage — is an effective combination of vacuum and exposure. This technique allows conduct a nice deep massage, unblock the lymphatic system, activate a blood circulation and metabolic processes in the skin, eliminate swelling and restore the vitality of the whole organism.

Vacuum-roller massage – is the most effective technology for modeling the figure.


The principle of operation is interesting. Skinfold retracts and perepinates deeply due to the vacuum suction (like masseur’s hands), causing a temporary extension of lymphatic and venous vessels. This speeds up the withdrawal of fluid and toxins from the intercellular spaces, includes skin elasticity recovery processes, reduces subcutaneous fat layer. During such a nice deep massage the entire body gets a powerful stimulation — the muscles are tense, the blood flow is active, so that there is the «breath» of each centimeter of the body.

Vacuum massage is effective in many cases: dumb back, tired neck, soft belly, «floated» line thighs, cellulite, reducing the elasticity of the skin. Vacuum massage promotes weight loss — weight loses easily, you feel more energetic.

Vacuum-roller massage on the face gives a refreshing and tightening effect. Secured vacuum mode activates the natural processes of pulsation in the dermis. This explains the efficiency of its use for drainage and nutrition of the skin, reducing the depth of wrinkles, removal of edema, muscle tension. In addition to simulating the effect of aesthetic problems and solutions you feel a surge of vitality and mood elevation.

To achieve the effect you need to take 2-3 treatments a week for a course of 10-12 Vacuum massage.
You get a new sense of the body — slim and fit, which walks confidently to the beauty, with the vacuum-roller massage.


Name of servicePrice, UAH
Anti-cellulite massage 5 minutes80
Anti-cellulite massage 30 minutes450
Anti-cellulite massage 40 minutes500
Anti-cellulite massage 50 minutes580
Anti-cellulite massage 60 minutes640


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