Scars and rumens -are traces of skin regeneration after injury, incisions, burns, and other long-term inflammation. This is the result of self-healing of the skin, the natural ability of all living things. Rumen –is a dense fibrous connective tissue formed by the skin at the wound site and, in fact, instead of the wound. Nature copes with it.

The goal of aesthetic correction is to make the scar or rumen imperceptible. Bring it closer to the texture of the skin, to even the color and level relative to the surrounding skin. If possible, to make it more narrow and shallow.


Fractional laser resurfacing is used. The laser beam with specially selected parameters burns in the scar tissue micro perforation (microtunnels) the entire depth of the scar connective tissue. In fact, in these areas the rumen has already been destroyed. From the surrounding healthy skin and from deep layers under the scar regeneration occurs — germination of healthy young skin cells, capillaries and fibers with a gradual replacement of scar tissue with young elastic skin. After healing of the scar on the surface of microcrusts session of fractional resurfacing is repeated. Multiple repetition of fractional laser resurfacing does the scar soft and supple, skin is not deformed. The color becomes lighter, more pinkish-beige, close to the skin tone. By relief — the scar is aligned with the level of the skin: deep furrows raise its bottom and protruding above the surface of the skin — become flat.

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The procedure is done quickly, if you wish it could be painless. Immediately after the procedure there is a microcrust that protects the wound and does not require any special care, only moisturizing and sun protection.

Fractional laser resurfacing solves the problem of scars, postoperative and posttraumatic, post-natal stretch marks on the body and associated with weight loss, scars of different shapes and depth anywhere on the skin.

Fractional resurfacing – is a freedom from scars!



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