The center of light technologies «CosmoLight» offers a full range of aesthetic, counseling and treatment services in the field of dermatology.

Dermatologists with years of clinical experience consult on various diseases of the skin (including rashes in the scalp, groin area, acne). Diagnosis, modern schemes of effective treatment, dynamic observation – are comfortable solutions to the problems of the skin.



After examination and differential diagnosis of skin tumors ( papillomas, warts, molluscum contagiosum, moles ) it is possible to remove these by electrocoagulation, laser photocoagulation or cryoablation. Removable neoplasms are necessarily pathologically examined to confirm the diagnosis and prognosis of security.

Methods of removing the blood vessels in the face and body (electrocoagulation, laser photocoagulation, or photocoagulation capillaries) are individually chosen. It presents a unique laser method traceless removal of hemangiomas («wine» spots), which can help adults and children.


Pigmentation and age spots become lighter and disappear in response to a program of treatment of peelings, fractional laser resurfacing, photo rejuvenation and competent home care.

Thinning and loss of hair, different types of baldness are cured by modern methods of physician triholog.
Scars, recent and long-term, are amenable to correction by fractional laser resurfacing, chemical peelings, local injections of active drugs and mesotherapy.

Unwanted hair is removed with high-tech laser and photoepilation. Electro epilation – is the method of reservation for gray and colorless hair.
Medical cosmetology methods (injection technology of deep moisturizing, filling of bulk drugs, correction of the volume of the lips and cheeks, injections of botulinum toxin preparations and other effective «fast» methods) can support and extend the beauty of healthy skin.Health – is the key to beauty.


Name of servicesSize/quantityCost, UAH
Consultation of dermatologist 500
Secondary advice 300
Advisory examination 100
Removal of warts1 PCs.150
Removal of warts (on foot)1 PCs.200
Remove papillomas (on the face)up to 10 PCs150
Remove papillomas (on the face)from 10 PCs.1500
Removal of papillomas (on the body)up to 20 PCs.2200
Removal of papillomas (on the body)from 20 PCs.3000
Delete a Nevusup to 0.5 cm700
Delete a Nevusfrom 0.5 cm900
Atheromup to 1 cm800
Remove hemangiomas to 5 cm ²1 cm ²250
Remove hemangiomas to 10 cm ²1 cm ²200
Remove hemangiomas more 10 cm ²1 cm ²150
Patgistologija 550
Extract recipe 100
Anesthesia 250


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