The device BDR (Beuty Defect Repair) is broken by nymetskiy vcheni on the basis of 25-day practical advice in the field of cosmetology medicine and scientific advice. BDR is the only device for the current day, which represents the supremacy of modern device technology and cosmetic-dermatological active concentrates. The procedure is carried out in 5 stages: dermabrasion, micronidling, chromotherapy, lymphatic drainage and microcurrent therapy.

The procedure will preserve a greater intensive penetration of innovative words into the glib balls of the shkiri, which guarantees a trivial effect. The dermatological look of BDR for the strength of the infusion can be corrected with medical treatments, with which there is no reabilitation. The BDR method of straightening in the first place for the correction of cosmetic defects and the improvement of the structure of the skin. It’s a kind of medical look at the shkіroy, which allows you to shake off the mindless irregularities, acne, post-acne, as well as a glimpse on the face, on the neckline.



People are actively fighting the natural signs of aging, but no longer want to be in their 40s as in 20s, but prefer to look their age and at the same time have a well-groomed, toned appearance. Beauty Defect Repair applies to both women and men, as well as to people of all ages, from adolescence.
The method of complex skin care BDR (Beauty Defect Repair) is a perfect way to stimulate, regenerate and actively restore the skin. Includes both intensive procedures, dermatological skin care and the result at the level of medical treatment. BDR was created by biologists, engineers and practicing cosmetologists. The optimal synthesis of hand treatment, modern active substances and the latest technologies, the result of which is noticeable immediately - a treatment that evokes pleasant sensations.


Due to the variety of several actions, you will not feel the pattern and sadness of leaving. The procedure includes 5 stages. At each stage, individually, depending on the type and needs of the skin, the program and the necessary cosmetic products are selected.

  1.  Soft peeling with hydroacids - is intended for delicate removal of the top layer of epidermis and preparation of skin for perception of active components.
  2.  Microdermabrasion - a gentle method of skin rejuvenation based on the treatment of the upper layer with special nozzles. This mechanical peeling not only grinds the skin, but due to exfoliation, stimulates the regeneration of the upper layer, eliminating facial wrinkles, pigmentation, starts the process of collagen production, providing elasticity and resilience.
  3.  Microneedling - literally the procedure means piercing the skin with the finest needles, stimulating not only the healing process, but also the regenerative processes. Microneedling technology allows you to repeatedly accelerate the transportation of active ingredients. Superficial microneedling stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in a short period of time, and the skin regeneration system is restored. Facial wrinkles are reduced. Increases the elasticity and density of the skin, the oval face. Permanent filling of wrinkles on the BDR device - by means of introduction of innovative serum by special sterile disposable applicators. Main function: alternative to anti-wrinkle injections or mesotherapy. Static and facial wrinkles are smoothed. The effect of filling wrinkles and leveling the relief, is retained and increases due to the previously launched processes of tissue regeneration.
  4.  Microcurrents (microcurrent therapy) - treatment of the skin with electric current of ultra-small parameters. There are two types: lymphatic drainage "detox" and stimulation of the microcirculatory tract. In this way, we get exposure at all levels: skin, SMAS (ligaments) and deeper muscle structures. This is a type of vibration massage that brings relaxation to all layers, thereby stimulating blood circulation.
  5. LED therapy - the use of the blue spectrum, which has anti-inflammatory, healing, antibacterial effects, depresses Propionibacterium acnes, stimulates the production of endogenous serotonin, thereby improving not only the appearance but also the general mood.


Beauty Defect Repair procedures are recommended if: 

  •  dry skin, lost moisture;
  •  facial wrinkles appeared;
  •  the first wrinkles appeared;
  •  tired, flabby skin;
  •  uneven skin;
  •  oily skin with enlarged pores;

The effect of the Beauty Defect Repair procedure:

  •  moisturizing the skin
  •  elimination of the first signs of wrinkles, facial wrinkles
  •  improving skin elasticity
  •  increase skin tone
  •  elimination of skin irregularities
  •  narrowing of pores and normalization of skin oiliness
  •  improvement of blood circulation
  •  skin regeneration
  •  reduction of signs of aging
  •  smoothing scars and scars
  •  intensive correction of skin structure
  •  treatment of acne and postacne

In developing the unique BDR technique, the wishes and needs of clients in an effective therapy system were taken into account, which would allow to correct cosmetic defects and skin structure, without consequences in the form of undesirable symptoms and recovery time after procedures.



Part of the bodyPrice, UAH
Sensitive skin care BDR2390
Care for problem, oily skin with acne BDR2650
Anti-aging care BDR2950
Men's care BDR2950


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